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Home Generator Installation

Home Generator Installation experts for your St Petersburg home. Are you frustrated with losing power in your home? Need an expert St Petersburg Electrician to install a new whole house generator for your family?

A standby backup generator installed by one of AC Electric’s licensed electricians will give you and your family piece of mind knowing that you will have power thanks to your whole house generator.

 A professional technician installing a home generator.

Backup Generator For Homes In St Petersburg

St Petersburg weather can be very unpredictable and could cause your power to go out without warning. Power failures can last anywhere from a couple of hours to days at a time, leaving you and your St Petersburg family without electric. A home with no power has no heating or cooling, no way to connect devices and cut off from communication. Having a whole home generator installed by expert St Petersburg electricians will give your family the power you need when storms hit.

St Petersburg Residential Backup Generator Systems

Once a power outage happens, a backup generator has an automatic transfer switch that turns the generator on and provides your home with backup electrical power. Once your power returns the backup generator will turn itself off automatically.

Rest assured that a backup power generator is a dependable solution that will take care of you and your home until power has been restored.

Make sure to call the professionals at AC Electric of St Petersburg for all of your home generator needs.

Tornadoes, Hurricanes, floods, downed power lines and blown transformers cause power outages all the time in the St Petersburg area. If you have a home office or theater, or if you just want to keep your air conditioning and heating on and food preserved, then you will want a home stand-by power generator. Our St Petersburg electricians can determine how much power your home will need and install the right generator to give you plenty of power.

Installation of a backup generator for your St Petersburg home should be done by a licensed St Pete electrician. We have over 45 years of Generator Installation experience. Call us today 727-520-3745